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вторник, 9 февраля 2016 г.

Today we are going to present our projects.
My project is
Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
Rita Mae Brown

To know English today is absolutely necessary for every educated person, for every good specialist. Learning a language is not an easy thing. It's a long and slow process that takes a lot of time and patience. But it's a must. Everyone will speak English soon — I'm sure of it. We all need to understand each other. To do that we need an international language, and that's English.
English is the language of politics and diplomacy, science and technology, business and trade, sport and pop music. 80% of all information in the world's computers is in English. 75% of the world's letters and faxes are in English. 60% of all international telephone calls are made in English. More than 60% of all scientific journals are written in English.
Aims of the project:
        to motivate teenagers to learn English as an international language of communication ;
        to provide teenagers to be able to express their talents and creativity;
        to develop English speaking skills;
        to assist in understanding of European interdependence and necessities of international cooperation;
        to encourage students to the searching work about the European countries;
        to develop self- assessment of speaking and presentation ;
        to encourage communication with the help of Internet resources;
        to help youth to realize that they are the citizens of Europe able to understand other cultures;
Terms: 2 weeks
Results: students will be motivated in learning English and it would be their own decision due to the results of the project.
Key question: Why is it important to learn English language in Today’s Global World?
Topic questions: What is the role of English language nowadays?
      Is English an International language?
      Is English the language of information technologies?
      How to be successful in learning English?
      What things help you to improve your communicative skills?
      What tips/advices will help you in learning English?
Strategies for Motivating Students
      Whole-class speaking activities
      Students' lives as a useful resource in the classroom
      Importance of personalization                      
      Let them learn from Failure
      Provide Incentives
      Make it Fun
      Encourage Healthy Competition
      Give positive Feedback
      Vary your Teaching Style
      Connect your students with Native Speakers
      Make your students curious, challenge them
Our tasks:
      The first team: What is the role of English language in modern World?
      The second team: How can English help you to become a successful  personality?
      The third team: analize and sum up the results. Create a web-site and leaflets.
Tips to learn English quickly:
      Listen to English music;
       Read books with lots of dialogues;
      Make a set study schedule ;
      Use different learning methods:  speaking, reading, writing;
      Practice speaking;
      Listen to native speakers;
      Use good resources;
      Watch English language films with English subtitles;
      Online chat;
      Record your own voice.
5 advices how to learn English:
      1.Watch a film on your national language, try to remember every dialogue. If it`s necessary watch it for the second time and then download an English version. The main thing is to be attentive! This is the best way to learn everyday phrases.
      2.Find lyrics of your favorite songs in the internet, Translate them using dictionary and then sing aloud in spite of having ear. Work on your pronounce.
      3.Turn on TV, find an English channel, take pen and a paper and try to write down the information given in the creeping line. It will be difficult for the first time but finally you`ll do that! Helps to write quickly and correctly. Pay attention to your spelling! Then translate written information using dictionary.
      4.Of course you`ll have to learn grammar and read books with or without the help of teacher.
      5.Finally, I think the best way of learning English is to talk with the English, of course systematically. This will give fantastic result in a short time
      Have fun! –Learning a new language is fun and exciting. Recognize your progress and use your language for ultimate enjoyment.

Thank you for your attention!

вторник, 1 декабря 2015 г.

Thanksgiving Day

    On the 26-th of November we celebrated Thanksgiving Day. We played games, solved crosswords,     wrote poems, sang songs, watched videos and at the end of our party we had Thanksgiving dinner.